About Us

The Netherlands Center of Governance (NCG) is a not-for profit professional body focused on supporting governance practitioners, governance professionals, ethics & compliance officers, researchers and board members who have a responsibility for corporate governance.

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Our Philosophy

The identity of the centre is built on diversity of subject matter experts in terms of background, experience and culture. We look to governance practices as good business enablers to Boards of Directors and to all employees toward achieving corporate level objectives.

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The center offers membership to a broad range of individuals, ranging from students to professionals. Whether you are new to governance or sit on a board of directors, the membership ensures that there is a grade that fits everyone with a keen interest in governance.

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Our Mission

Our Value Proposition

To provide professional training and assistance to improve the whole system of governance within organizations, in The Netherlands as well as developed world and emerging markets by works towards the prospect of establishing a society with reliable organizations, in which individuals are encouraged to keep their integrity and contribute to the reliability of the organization to which they belong.